bbin直营网排名有各种各样的计划让会员受益. Find out more below on the all the programs that are offered at Great Lakes Energy.


政治行动的英亩合作公寓业主® program is an exciting opportunity for you to join other co-op members in 提高你的声音 以及参与政治进程. Funds raised by this grassroots network are donated to the political campaigns of candidates whose positions on issues support those of electric 鸡笼eratives.

没有利率美元用于这个项目. 所有捐款都是100%自愿的.


当你加入这个草根网络, you help with the long-term success of electric 鸡笼eratives like Great Lakes Energy.

五大湖能源公司还鼓励成员投票! 访问 投票.鸡笼 to learn more about the issues affecting electric 鸡笼eratives and how you can support them.

对英亩合作公寓业主的政治行动的贡献® 是否可免税. All contributions to 英亩 are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. 贡献指南只是建议. 你可以多缴或少缴建议的数额. 你可以拒绝捐献,不会受到报复. 不接受公司支票或捐款.  只有居住和季节性的GLE会员才有资格捐款.


When you moved into Great Lakes Energy’s service territory and began purchasing electricity from us, 你成为了合作社的一员. Because electricity is delivered to your home by Great Lakes Energy, you are a member and an owner. This means that all Great Lakes Energy assets – even the poles and wires – are owned by our members.

作为一个成员所有的合作社, 五大湖能源分配并最终返回其年度利润(i.e.(利润)以资本抵免的形式返还给会员业主. It’s part of the value you receive for sharing in the ownership of a 鸡笼erative.


分配 appear on June bills and reflect your share of any profit from the previous year based on the amount of electricity you purchased. 信贷资金 退款 $25或以上以支票形式发行, 少于25美元的退款将显示为12月账单的信用额, 在财政条件允许的情况下. Please keep your mailing address updated so you will receive future capital credit 退款, 即使你不再从GLE接收电力.

We plan to continue to refund capital credits each year provided financial conditions allow us to do so.

资本信贷是你不只是客户的一个关键原因. 你是五大湖能源公司的一员! 他们代表你的那份利润, 在合作社里叫做利润, that are generated when revenues received from our members exceed our operating costs. 因为bbin直营网排名是合作社, bbin直营网排名不保留这些差额, but rather allocate them back to the members who provide the revenue through the electric rates they paid during the year. Unlike investor-owned utilities, 鸡笼eratives do not have shareholder investors/owners. bbin直营网排名的会员是bbin直营网排名的投资者/所有者. Every time you pay your bill, you’re making an investment in a business you co-own.

bbin直营网站靠谱吗分配不同于bbin直营网站靠谱吗退款. 分配 appear on June bills and reflect your share of any profit from the previous year based on the amount of electricity you purchased. We keep track of your allocations and refund these to you over time 在财政条件允许的情况下. 这些退款被称为bbin直营网站靠谱吗退款

Your share of the profits is based on the amount of electricity that you purchased from GLE during certain years. 如果你的邻居在这些年里买的电比你多, 他们会得到更多的退款.

We want to make sure that both newer and long-term members benefit from this program and receive their entitled amounts. 你也可以帮助bbin直营网排名. 如果你从一个已经去世的亲戚那里接管了电子账户, we will provide you with instructions on how to claim any future capital credit 退款 that may be issued in the deceased’s name. Anyone who plans to move off our lines should provide us with their new address for our records. Your assistance will help limit the amount of unclaimed capital credit 退款.

是的, we plan to continue to retire capital credits annually provided financial conditions allow us to do so.

They remain part of the capital invested in the 鸡笼erative so we can continue to build and improve our power line distribution system and provide the other services that you expect from your electric 鸡笼erative.

信贷资金 退款 have been paid to members annually since 2003 and total millions of dollars. 根据bbin直营网排名过去的历史, bbin直营网排名预计将继续发放资本信贷退款, 但现在预测明年的计划还为时过早. 然而, GLE has remained financially strong despite the many challenges that face utilities and businesses today.

The person or group who can legally claim the refund must return the original check and a completed 诱导形成. 然后bbin直营网排名会重新开支票,并将以后的支票寄给你.


Great Lakes Energy offers bbin直营网站靠谱吗 (EO) programs to members of the 鸡笼erative. EO项目旨在最终减少密歇根州的用电量. For more information about Great Lakes Energy’s bbin直营网站靠谱吗 programs 访问EO网站 或打电话



The ability to provide reliable electric service along with the safety of our employees and members are very important to Great Lakes Energy. 为了实现两者, we must maintain our equipment and power line rights-of-way through a variety of practices, 包括植被管理. 查看bbin直营网排名的植被管理计划手册以获得更多信息.

Trees are the most common cause of power outages for Great Lakes Energy members. 为会员提供更可靠的服务, our 植被管理 department performs routine maintenance of trees and other vegetation on our more than 11,000英里的架空线路. 


Routine vegetation management activities are completed on a regular cycle of approximately every seven years.


The amount of space required for overhead electric line clearance is determined by the Rural Utility Service and also by the species of tree and voltage of the line. 有时把树砍掉比大刀阔斧地修剪要好, 尽管每棵树都是单独评估的. Our professional, certified contractors perform tree pruning and removal for Great Lakes Energy. Please do not attempt to prune a tree yourself if it’s under or near an overhead line.


州县: 雷顿,韦兰

安特里姆郡: 班克斯,切斯特尼亚,卡斯特,艾科,巴塞罗那,科尔尼

巴里县: 欧文,拉特兰,索恩普,扬基泉

Charlevoix县: 贝,海斯,诺伍德,培恩,南臂,威尔逊

克劳福德郡: 弗雷德里克,格雷林,洛弗尔斯,枫树森林

埃米特: 度假胜地

Kalkaska: 熊湖,清水镇,伊克塞尔西奥镇,卡尔卡市

莱克县: 切里,伊登,埃尔克,北纽柯克,皮科克,皮诺拉,南纽柯克,耶茨

Manistee县: 东诺曼

梅森县: Amber, Branch, Custer, Eden, Pere Marquette, Riverton, Summit

Mecosta县: 安泰

Montcalm县: 雷诺兹

蒙特默伦西樱桃县: Briley蒙特默伦西樱桃,维也纳

Newaygo县: 大草原,布鲁克斯,克罗顿,埃弗雷特,古德威尔,威尔科克斯

Oceana县: Crystal, Elbridge, Ferry, Grant, Hart, Leavitt, Newfield, Otto, Shelby, Weare

奥西奥拉县: 哈特威克,奥西奥拉,玫瑰湖,谢尔曼,塞尔万

Oscoda县: 大溪,埃尔默,格林伍德

Otsego县: 查尔顿,科威斯,多佛,海耶斯


为了确保适当的种植,只种植成熟高度为14英尺的树木. 或者在20英尺以内的区域. 架空电力线路. 成熟的树有40英尺高. 或更少应该种植至少20英尺. 从电线. 树的成熟高度为40英尺. 或更多可以种植至少45英尺. 远离电线.

如欲了解更多有关适当种植的资料,请浏览 国家植树节基金会.



Before you dig, be safe and always call Miss Dig to protect yourself from harm. Utility personnel will come to your property and place flags in the ground in locations where underground wires run. 这项服务是免费的. 拨8-1-1,或者去 missdig.org.


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